Apollo Performs Roof Moisture Scans as Part of Its Roof Inspection Packages. If Small Amounts of Moisture are Detected, a Roof Recovery Method can be Utilized to Solve Reroofing Dilemmas Versus Costly Tear-Offs.
Roof penetrations like these are examined closely as part of your roof inspection.
Core cut reveals a built-up roof system in hot asphalt, two layers of insulation and a steel deck. Core cuts reveal what your roofs are made of and they are an important part of any roof inspection.
Metal Flashing is closely inspected as part of Apollo's comprehensive roof surveys.
Roof Inspections

Apollo offers comprehensive roof surveys to assist customers in analyzing their roof system. Click here for a sample survey PDF.

Apollo offers comprehensive roof surveys to assist customers in analyzing their roof system. Our roof surveys typically provide knowledgeable information on the following items:

  • Type of roof
  • Approximate age of roof
  • Life expectancy of roof
  • Description of repairs and reroofing services required
  • Budget guidelines for the work to be accomplished
  • Unique items that impact the roof system such as mechanical or communication equipment
  • Type of insulation and R-value of the roof system
  • Assessment of water drainage from the roof system
  • Physical core cuts (where appropriate) to verify findings and provide further insight into the roof system

As commercial roofing contractors who take care of 10 to 20 million square feet annually, we believe that the knowledge we provide to you is seasoned with hands-on experience. We know the difference between work that truly needs to be fixed versus items that can be left alone. For Apollo clients who are buying or selling real estate, this has proven to be an invaluable asset to our clients as we can help them know what to look for when they buy and what to expect when they sell. The Apollo Roof Surveys are a great management tool for you to have as a building owner, property manager, asset manager or real estate investor. The cost of the surveys are typically very minimal and the value received is substantial. Please let us know if we can assist you with a roof survey today! Click here for a sample survey.