Lower Roof Shows an Overview of a 12+ Year Old Apollo Roof System That Has Been Maintained and is on Its Way to 20 Years of Watertight Performance. Upper Roof is a New Apollo Membrane System.
Coating Being Applied to Thin Areas as Part of an Apollo Planned Maintenance Program.
Coping Joints being sealed Apollo Style with urethane sealant. This joint should last 5 years or more due to the cleaning, prep work, and proper application of the products.
Vent flashing being prepped and repaired to stop leaks commonly associated with roof penetrations.
Planned Maintenance Being Performed on an EPDM roof.
Planned Maintenance
A careful analysis of roof details is vital to a successful Planned Maintenance Program. Apollo is experienced in all types of roof systems and can craft a planned maintenance program to suit your individual building and budget needs.

Apollo has had the great privilege and opportunity to maintain millions of square feet of Commercial/Industrial facilities for our clients. We have learned how to truly maximize the life of your roof system. We craft planned maintenance programs to suit your individual needs and taste. Many of our maintenance programs are done on an annual basis and begin with doing remedial repair work to bring the roof up to a maintainable condition.

We also do one-time "Planned Maintenance Clean-ups" to make the roof system suitable for Planned Maintenance in the future. For the building owner who is going to occupy or lease his building for years to come, Planned Maintenance obviously helps as it adds years of life to the back end of the life cycle. The building owner/occupants also enjoy fewer crisis roof leaks and the cost and possible damage that comes from them. For the building owner who is going to sell the property, Planned Maintenance is just as attractive.

A building that has been receiving Planned Maintenance "Apollo style" will show extremely well to any potential purchaser. We have had great success with clients in both situations. Planned Maintenance used to be thought of as insurance money poorly spent. Planned Maintenance dollars spent with Apollo allow owners to maximize their roofing dollars by prolonging roof life, decreasing crisis roof leaks, keeping the building interior and contents dry and free from consequential leak damages and also keeping roofs in a pristine condition so they will fly through the due diligence process during a sale.

Apollo is extremely experienced in all types of roof systems and can craft a Planned Maintenance program that meets your building and budget needs. The client testimonials say it all!