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Roof Repairs
Wall Expansion Joints That were Cleaned, Filled with Foam "Backerod", and Sealed with Urethane Sealant.
Roof Repair in Progress on a Built-Up Roof System. Gravel Surfacing will be Applied as a Final Step.
Properly Flashed Penetrations such as these Vent Stacks Help Eliminate Roof Leaks.
Apollo Performs Numerous Gutter and Downspout Repairs Each Year.
Making Sure the Roof Leak Being Addressed is not an "A.C. Leak".
Vent Flashing Being Prepped and Repaired to Stop Leaks Commonly Associated with Roof Penetrations.
If you are having roof leak problems, Apollo Roofing Company's repair department is the solution you have been looking for!
Roof Repairs Being Performed on an EPDM Roof System.